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About 30 years ago, Demaco started selling vacuum hardware and pumps. The value to be able to offer our customers trading items was born by the need of having to buy all kinds of vacuum hardware, such as pumps, leak testers, pressure gauges and other parts for the production of cryogenic lines and systems ourselves. Because both cryogenic and vacuum technologies have a lot in common, it soon became obvious that our customers saw Demaco as their total supplier for high-quality vacuum components.

In Europe and the US, companies were looking for reliable suppliers. Demaco made exclusive contracts with these suppliers and the department of Demaco Vacuum Technology was born.

Each supplier Demaco represents, has its own specialty. For each specialty, Demaco chose the supplier, who offered the best quality of equipment and materials. This is why Demaco gives warranties for each ordered item, however small it may seem. Because you and we all know too well that the smallest error in tiny components could lead to major failures in vacuum.

Our standard delivery program varies from vented bolts/rings to the most complex in-vacuum-manipulation system and glove boxes. There are more than 15000 standard products in Demaco’s online Webshop, many of them are in stock at Demaco or our supplier, which means that shipping time can often be kept really short. If there should be a moment where you can’t find what you are looking for in Demaco’s online catalog, we will try to find what you are looking for or present you an appropriate alternative.

Demaco Vacuum hasn’t just managed to profile itself as a complete supplier over the past couple of years, but, thanks to the well-known Engineering department inside the company, has also been able to deliver a range of Turnkey systems,

Research, Universities, Industry or Aeronautics and Space, Demaco and vacuum systems are closely related. Also here, our motto can be applied: “Thinking in solutions”.