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Category: ConFlat Seals

Copper Gaskets
ConFlat flanges utilize an OFHC copper gasket to produce a vacuum tight seal up to 10-13 mbar, even when baked repeatedly to 450 degree Celsius.
OFHC Gaskets stand for Oxygen Free High Conductivity Copper.
Silver plated gaskets are designed to prevent oxidation at high temperatures.
Annealed Copper Gaskets require a much lower sealing force to make a leak tight seal. They are normally used when it is important to limit the amount of force required when sealing. Recommended for use with items such as zero length viewports, gauge heads, and fragile ceramic feedthroughs.

Viton Gasket
Viton gaskets will be degassed to significant reduce the outgassing rate from 10-7 mbar.l/sec to 10-10 mbar.l/sec. Storage in a dry atmosphere retains most of the benefits of outgassing.

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Showing 1–12 of 60 results

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