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Category: Gas Monitoring System

GeneSys Evolution offers the ultimate performance Gas Monitoring system with a space-saving compact cabinet with Ethernet connection for flexible operation over a Local Area network (LAN) or operation over a wireless network.All GeneSys Evolution Systems feature full safety interlocks, ensuring that the instrument cannot be damaged due to inadvertent operation..
A choice of three main inlet types is available.
-1 Capillary inlet: This inlet gives an ultra-fast response time of 150 milliseconds. Housed in a protective sheath, the inlet can be heated to prevent gases from condensing within the inlet.
-2 Membrane Inlet: This inlet is ideally suited for applications with the requirement to measure Hydrocarbons in the sample gas.
-3 AutoSampler Multiple inlet: A built in, fully automated 10 way autosampler to monitor multiple sample lines.

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Showing all 2 results

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