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<Glove material
The glove material you choose depends on the chemical and mechanical properties of each material. We offer gloves in different materials. If you are handling dry forms of an electrostatic powder, do not wear gloves that generate static electricity.

Glove Thickness
We offer gloves in standard thicknesses of 15 mil (0,38mm) or 30 mil (0,76mm). Custom thicknesses are also available for specific applications.
You should choose a glove thickness based on the level of hazard and the dexterity required for your application. Thicker gloves provide better protection but at the cost of a loss of dexterity.

We offer gloves in a standard length of 32 Inch. Custom lengths are available, depending on material and port size.

Hand Sizes
We offer gloves in numerous hand sizes, depending on the material, port size, and style of the glove.

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Showing 1–12 of 19 results

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