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Category: Portable Helium Spray Set

The Heli-Jet+ is an evolution for Helium Leakdetection application. The Heli-Jet+ package contains:
– a spray gun, with built-in adjustable flow-rate and flexible coiled tubing.
– a bottle with 0.8 liter capacity for a maximum Helium pressure of 210 bars. This Helium bottle is equipped with high pressure gauge and overpressure protection disk. This set is less than 2 kg.
The Heli-Jet+ offers a total portability solution with 160 liter of Helium at atmospheric pressure, ensuring more than 20 hours of leaktesting. This spray probe kit allows for a precise jet of gas to be obtained within a small cone of dispersion, and with a very fine adjustable flow-rate.
The Heli-Jet+ offers you a clean package, so you don’t need to take contaminated cylinders into clean environment (cleanroom). The dedicated Re-filling device needs to be purchased seperately.

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Showing 1–12 of 15 results

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