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Category: Vacuum Seal and Lubricant

Vacuum Seal and Lubricant
Seal material can be used to repair small leaks and for fixturing of 2 components. In both cases it’s important to have a low outgassing rate, and a perfect leakrate.

Lubricants are used in a vacuum system for three reasons:
* to lightly grease the O-ring so it will move, seat, and seal better.
* to reduce the friction coefficient, wear rate, and particulate generation.
* as an anti-seizing agent on nuts and bolts.

Choice of Lubricant
The choice of a lubricant depends on:
* operating temperature and vapor pressure
* sliding motion or rolling motion
* reactive gas, electron beam, or plasma ambient
* heavy or light loading
* extensive repetitive usage or moderate use.

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Showing 1–12 of 23 results

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