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Category: Magnetron Sputter Systems

The ORION Series Sputtering Systems are compact versions to deliver maximum performance for limited budgets. These HV and UHV systems inherit many design features such as TUNING CHIMNEYS to optimize deposition uniformity. These systems use AJA’s exclusive Stiletto (HV) and A300-XP (UHV) magnetron sputtering sources (2″ and 3″) and can be fitted with heating and cooling stages to accommodate substrates up to 6″ diameter. Substrate temperature ranges from LN2 to 1000°C available depending on size and configuration.

The ATC Series Thin Film Deposition Systems are versatile coating tools that can be built in a wide variety of configurations to satisfy almost any requirement. These systems are built around AJA’s unique A300-XP (UHV) or Stiletto Series (HV) magnetron sputtering sources which feature in-situ source head tilting allowing precise and repeatable con-focal, direct, and off-axis deposition. Substrate holders from 1″ to 10″ diameter are available with heating to 1000°C and/or substrate cooling from ambient to LN 2 temperatures. AJA magnetron sputter sources from 1″ diameter to 12″ diameter plus rectangular and triangular versions can be incorporated. These multi-technique deposition systems systems can be also fitted with electron beam evaporation, thermal evaporation, Knudsen cells, PLD, ion sources for IBAD, facing target sputtering sources (FTS), contact masking systems, glove boxes, auto-loading cassette systems, RHEED, Auger analysis, and RGA’s.

The ATC-B Series Batch Coaters are custom engineered sputtering systems built to handle small production runs of multiple substrates. For sputter up / down geometries, vertical cylinder chambers are commonly used. Horizontal cylinders or rectangular, in-line systems are employed for horizontal (side) sputtering applications.

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