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Demaco > Products > Vacuum Feedthroughs > BNC, MHV, SHV, SMA, Microdot > SHV Recessed Vacuum Feedthrough

Category: SHV Recessed Vacuum Feedthrough

SHV recessed feedthroughs are available in 5kV; 10kV and 20kV versions and can have up to 15 Amps. These specially designed interfaces incorporate standard high voltage contacts and are designed for increased performance in pulsed high voltage applications.

The SHV-B feedthroughs are designed for bakeout at higher temperatures than standard SHV series. The air-side cable connectors included with these feedthroughs utilize a ceramic dielectric material.

All SHV feedthroughs are delivered including Air side connector.

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Showing 1–12 of 61 results

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