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Demaco serves her customers by means of Sales Managers. No slick managers, but people with detailed knowledge about the market, customers and products, who are able to act quickly. At times, when more specialist vacuum knowledge is needed, the colleagues from Engineering are called for.

Demaco has a large Engineering department with a lot of expertise of cryogenic and vacuum technologies. All of them are experts, looking for the one (economical) design, which meets all the customers’ requirements. A lot of money has been invested in new 3D-software-programs.
Demaco regularly receives pure (pre-) engineering assignments, where the technical requirements for vacuum cryogenic application are composed in collaboration with the customer. It is in these kind of situations, where our slogan “ Thinking in Solutions” really kicks in.

Our well-equipped and ultra-clean industrial workshop of more than 3600m2 makes the manufacturing of all our cryogenic and vacuum systems possible.
The quality of our production is on a very high level and is being frequently tested by an objective QA department. Every employee is well prepared for his task and can provide all the required certificates and diplomas. Especially our welders have to fulfill the strict demands of the ISO 3834-2 certificate.
Our PED H/H1- certificate has two positive sides; on the one hand it is yet another recognition of our knowledge and expertise, on the other hand it gives us the necessary flexibility, which is needed to shorten delivery times. After all, we do not depend on external certifying parties!
Before our systems are delivered to our customers, everything is checked and documented. In most cases, customers will receive detailed documentation including material certificates, test reports etc.

As capstone of a successful project, many of our customers leave the installation and implementation to Demaco. Our mechanics are pragmatic experts, that also know how to solve unexpected problems efficiently.
We often receive extensive compliments from customers, who have had positive experiences with our Installations Department.