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Receipt of damaged products: We require you to check the delivered products within 24 hours after receipt. In case of a damage, please contact us immediately by e-mail ( Please mention your Purchase order number, the Demaco Sales order reference, describe the damage and please add one or more digital pictures. We will contact you as soon as possible and provide the information you need.
Failing of (electrical) products: Please send us an e-mail, referring to the part number and serial number, your Purchase order number, what process the product has been used for, and a good description of the failure. Before you may return the product for repair (or warranty exchange), we need you to fill out, sign and return a “Hazardous Materials Disclosure Form”, which will be sent to you by e-mail. Demaco will provide a RMA-number for return and will quote you the repair costs in case of expired warranty.
Refurbishment of ion getter pumps: If you like to use our service for refurbishment of ion getter pumps, please only remove the magnets from the pumps, fill out this Hazardous Materials Form completely (Demaco HazMat refurb.pdf), and send the pumps together with your Repair order to
Demaco Holland bv
Attn.: Vacuum Department
Oester 2
NL-1723 HW Noord-Scharwoude
The Netherlands


Some (special) systems require the help of Demaco specialists during the installation. Our team will support you with this installation. We will advise you about this support during the Quotation procedure. Generally, this installation will take place within 2 weeks from delivery of the system. For a smooth installation, we will instruct you in time about the required utilties and their connections. For housing of big systems we will also ask you to fill out our checklist.

Service vacuum parts

Most of our products have a warranty period of 12 months from date of delivery. This warranty does not cover the wear and consumable items. Our products are supplied including printed or digital manual. On request, we can send you any digital manual per e-mail. For a maximum “up-time” of our products we advise you to ask for a recommended list of spares.

Service / Support visit

To require our service, you can contact us per e-mail or phone. Demaco will react on your request within 24 hours. We advise you to forward the original order number and some digital pictures of the product that needs to be serviced.